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The Grand Diwali Extravaganza & Party
Inde Fashion Du Jour - Fashion Show

The Bollywood Party

A night of Traditional Indian Fashion Show |Bollywood Party | Masti

*A night of Traditional Indian Fashion Show |Bollywood Party 

*Come along with friends & family to celebrate the festival of lights and love - ***DIWALI***

*Celebrations in mind, Love in the Words, Pride in our hearts and Light in Soul!!!  

An unforgettable evening showcasing the style and power of Indian Contemporary Fashion with the fabulous Ethnicwear from the best of the Tri-state area.

As models fire up the ramp, DJ amit plays the latest Bollywood hip hop from films and albums all through the night. 


Its not an evening to be missed. So get yourself down to one of the DesiKnots premium South Asian Evening where you get a chance to meet, mingle and network with fellow Single Desis of the Tri-state area and get an opportunity to enhance your network of professional and social contacts. 

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