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????Splitsvilla MISSISSAUGA our first ever! ????

Venue: Bier Market, Square One ????.


Want to get an idea what is Splitsvilla see this video.


Participants: Males - 20 and Females - 20. We have 3 - 4 judges as well who will also add to the votes based on each activity. So, there will be no favouritism.


30 minutes: Speed Dating

2 hours: Activities

Competition between men and women is to break this ice. We aim to create couples out here.

Theme - "First impression is not the last impression"

After each person gets a rating based on the different activities the ones with top places both male and females - 1, 2, 3 will be going on a date ??????.

Event Details:

Time: 30 minutes - 40 minutes: Competition between men

Same for women

Types of Activities: (This will be very private event)

1. A short dance competition among guys to impress the girls. Girls will rate them. This event is for all introverts or extroverts. We are trying to break the ice....just to see your talent. Only for men.

2. An IQ test to see who impresses who. You will be asked questions and if you get more correct answers you have chances to win this round. Each gender will be asked a minimum of 10 questions (Both men and women).

3. Singing competition - you will be given a mic to sing - English, Hindi, in any language just sing one song. Even if you can't sing well just sing. (This will be only 2 minute round per person. Both men and women).

4. Say a dialogue from a movie....the best delivery from "any movie" will be given points. Dialogues will be given to you on the spot and you have to deliver it with emotions. (Both men and women).

5. Dressing competition - males and females both will be judged based on their dressing style. Best dressed gets to win this round. This will help you win the overall game. (Both men and women). What is on your phone? Each item you list will have points for it.

6. What is in your phone? You have to name at least 6 things and the points are for each "thing" on your phone which will add up to give you points (Only for females).

This will be a private event.


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