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indian movies in usa
Koti, the famous music director with hundreds of hit songs in Telugu and other languages is here in Atlanta.

About this Event
Come enjoy the live performance with Bank listen to all the hit songs of 80s, 90s, and 2000s once again. Singers of the concert are Prasad Simhadri and Srivalli Sridhar.
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Closing DateTicket Type Unit Price($) Max Order Min Order Available
12/07/2019VIP FAMILY $200200.0010125
12/07/2019SINGLE $100100.0010150
12/07/2019GENERAL FAMILY $6060.0010150
12/07/2019SINGLE $2525.0010150
12/07/2019GALLERY SEATING-SINGLE $1212.0010150
  • All Sales are FINAL
  • The person in whose name the ticket is issued must also be present at the door with valid photo ID.
  • A printout of the order receipt issued by should be produced at the venue.
  • If the event attendee is different from the credit card holder, a copy of the credit card used for ticket purchase must be produced along with the order.
  • Any failure in providing the aforementioned documents may result in denial of admission to the event with no refund.
  • In case of event being cancelled/postponed Jhalak will refund only the face value of the ticket and NOT the service fee.

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OrganizerIdealogy Media Solutions, Inc.

  • OrganizerIdealogy Media Solutions, Inc.
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