SWAYAMVAR - A singles event for Indians from NEW YORK / CT / MA / All East Coast

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NEW YORK's THIRD BIGGEST: Singles Event for South Asians & Indians! Serious and looking? Fed up of MATRIMONIAL SITES ? Meetups ? Apps? Parents? Left to figure out where to find your partner? Get 20 % off if you bring one more friend who is single and looking. Strictly for ages 26+ and your ids will be checked. You have to provide a biodata as well. Common! don't go to an unrealistic event! Come to a place where you are away from online crap and meet people in real with the same purpose. We want to help the ones who are honestly looking for genuine people / verified people and want to create a long lasting relationship! We are doing for only 26 - 47 years old. We will see if we have enough people for both age groups. Else everyone will meet everyone. DATE: Nov 11th at 500 pm for ages 26 - 47 (you get to meet each person) Swayamvar in NYC Since the ages are an issue we will provide you a biodata (list) - select anyone you like. But, everyone has to meet every person. August - it is on Saturday only and will run for 3.5 - 4 hours...spend more time to get to know people attending. After that you can go for dinner together. This is for people looking for: Marriage Partner search Looking around We invite people from all over US - New York / New Jersey / Philadelphia / CT / MA / Virginia– All come out! Please share this info and spread it like fire. Enough time to tell everyone! This is not a singles speed dating event! This is proper matrimonial. People from all castes / cultures / religions are invited. Swayamvar, in ancient India, was a practice of choosing a husband, from among a list of suitors, by a girl of marriageable age. “Swayam” in Sanskrit means self and “vara” means groom in this context. Swayamvar will have a twist – We will bring in both Guys and Girls to meet each other. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAIN EVENT Round 1: Each table will have 1 boy / 1 girls and will be given one activity. They get 5 minutes to solve a question. Then these 2 girls move to the next table. This breaks the ice! No breaks Round 2: In this round you will meet each other individually. This will be for 5 minutes. Round 3: This round will be for 10 minutes again. You will write the name of the person you like and give it to the organizer. We will ask people who are interested in meeting this person. Then you meet one by one. If you like 3 people then you can wait to talk to all 3 if they are also interested in you. Important: in this round you will be given questions that can be somewhat open you up about this person For ex: How serious are you about dating, what are your 5 - 10 yr goals?, what do you look for in a partner? ) Contact us for questions - dezidreamz2 at gmail.com

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